My Cake Thing (Again) And More Cooking (Baking)/Recipe Stuff (As Usual)

Remember how I said I was going to make all those cakes, and then, I took some of them out?  Well…I took out some more since then.  The two layer cake that Gabby and I were going to make: we thought it was too much, so we decided to bag it.  I took out the mayonnaise cake because, just like I did when I heard that the chocolate cake we were making at BOCES last summer was going to have mayonnaise in it, no one would want to eat it. I feel like it would taste good because people make it, but still, I’d rather not, for the sake of my guests (lolz).  For the angel food bundt cake, while I’m into foam cakes and sponge cakes now, either it was too much, or I didn’t think anyone would like it, or I just didn’t want to make it.  I honestly don’t know/remember/whatever, but I do remember that my recipe book was filling up, and I want to start doing more recipes “on the fly” and writing them down after as opposed to following what I wrote down before because I would always be editing it as I cook, and I don’t want to do that anymore.  With desserts, you would think it would be fine to keep in there because you need to be more precise, and you can’t really think of too many recipes in sweet cooking (I don’t know how to explain it), but it wasn’t fine by me, so maybe that’s why I took more stuff out, including savory recipes, but those were more either they weren’t my cooking style (comfort food (you can read the About page if you didn’t know)), or I didn’t think people would like them (once again), or it’s something that I realized I wouldn’t actually like/someone else would make it instead/both (like Asian wings (because store bought wings are what people are used to and what they like).  Anyway, the flourless chocolate cake in a mug thing I told myself I was going to keep, but I saw this even better cake, and I actually changed it to that.  It’s a siphon microwave sponge cake that I’m going to still add chocolate to (well…cocoa powder, but it’s still chocolate, so…yeah), and I’m going to make it with my friend, Edyn, when she sleeps over (hopefully, that’ll be someday this week (well…next week, really)).  That’s the same cake I told you about for the cake cones, which in my post Summer Desserts With A Twist (Of A Straw), I explained, except it’s going to be Neapolitan (vanilla cone, strawberry cake, chocolate sauce).  If you don’t know, these cake cones are actually what I’m going to make instead of the mixed berry olive oil cupcakes because I thought they would be too much.  If you want more information on the cake cones, you can read the summer desserts post I was telling you about earlier.  So, those are all the cakes I’m not going to make, plus the three other ones from the experimental cakes post, meaning that I took out eight, but remember that I can always rewrite them, and add them back (if that happens, I’ll make another post to let you know). And, also remember that I changed two of them, so now, I (kind of; some of them I haven’t made yet, but I have plans on when I’m going to make them) made six out of the twelve (half).  Here are the other four:

The Tres Leches Cake

The Olive Oil Cake (I’m going to flavor it with lemon if you don’t remember, and I’m going to make it in September for the Jewish holidays.)

The Pound Cake (I flavored it with vanilla in case you don’t remember.)

The Upside-Down Cake (I used tropical fruit, and I made it for Father’s Day.)

You probably saw that I posted these, but it was just a refresher for you to go along with this.  Anyway, you know the other two because I just explained them to you before (or, like I said, you’ll have to read the summer desserts post).  Okay, so whatever, I don’t have anything else to write for this post (I’m weird as you may be able to tell), so bye.

*Also, sorry for the repetitiveness of my topics/titles/I don’t know/whatever (again, I’m weird).  And, all the / and (_____) is possibly OCD/I don’t know what to say/whatever (see, these are my go-to’s for these kind of posts; again, for the third time, like I said, I’m very weird; okay, I’m being repetitive again now, so I’ll (try and,) stop).  Bye (again).*


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