Scones Vs. Biscuits: The Results

So, my biscuits are currently in the oven, and it turns out that my theory of less fat, more liquid kind of worked.  The less fat was fine, (and also, I think I might’ve overworked the dry ingredients with the pastry cutter when I made the scones), but we used less liquid than my biscuit recipe calls for because the dough was getting too wet, so we had to add a little more flour (my babysitter and I made them, so that’s why I’m referring to we).  We also halved the recipe so that it wouldn’t make too much in case the experiment was a fail.  I mean, yes, I experiment in the kitchen a decent amount, but, being the amazing chef that I am, it actually works out a lot in case you didn’t realize already.  Anyway, the scones never really rose, but luckily, those biscuits came out of the oven slightly risen and nice and golden on top.  Not only that, but when I opened it up, you could easily see what was inside: my two main ingredients in this recipe: cheddar cheese and rosemary.  And, they tasted amazing!!!!!  Sophie’s Cheddar-Rosemary Biscuits were a success!!!!!


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