French Pastry Feelings And Recipe Writing (Again)

Just last night, for whatever the reason, I started thinking about French pastry and how I told myself that that was one of those things in cooking that I was never going to attempt because it was too hard.  Meanwhile, Sophie’s Fourth Of July Napoleons With Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream And Lemon Berries are the complete opposite of that statement!  To me, when it comes to baking or even savory cooking, you can make your own recipes if you’ve seen the techniques done enough times.  For example, for the napoleons, I’ve seen people make crème anglaise on Food Network a lot, so I knew how to make it.  Pastry cream is very similar to that, except for a few tiny tweaks that I found out about by simply looking on the internet, so I knew how to make that component, which is essential for napoleons.  The berries I just added for a nice summery touch, and there was no technique that I needed to know how to do to create that.  For the puff pastry, all I needed to know was docking it, which I’ve seen people do in the past, so I was all set, and that’s my techniques philosophy about making your own recipes!  Back to France, I would make pâte à choux and all that, but I hate the shells for cream puffs and eclairs!  As you knew from before, though, pastry cream is my life nowadays.  I eat it as pudding all the time, even if it’s just only a spoonful or two!  Anyway, I always thought it was too scary to attempt, but I could probably do it if I wanted to.  Same with macarons:  I know how to sift, make meringue, and fold ingredients together, but my problem is that I can’t make my own recipe right away with pastries as delicate and elegant as these.  I have to focus on precise measurements, and I should use another valued recipe as a guide, even though being that I create my own, it’s not something I’d like to do (then again, I can always just use someone else’s recipe that I paraphrase and change the flavors of, and it would still be my own).  Not only that, if I want to make these, I have to practice my piping skills.  Okay, so I’m currently at camp, but I’m going to practice my baking skills ASAP; there are still some things on that My Current Cake Crush blog post that I want to make, so I better get moving when I can!

By the way, I know the picture is mostly is French, and I don’t understand it just as much as you do, but I found this picture, and I liked it, so…


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