Confident Cooking For Teens: Day 5: Sur La Table Restaurant Skills

Today, we made corn soup, which was really more of a corn bisque, with basil foam, which was really just basil (whipped) cream as opposed to the kind of cooking foam made with chemicals, farmers market risotto, seared chicken with bistro pan sauce, which was just velouté, which is essentially a fancy gravy, and deconstructed summer berry mousse, which was just a regular mousse made without raw egg yolks.  For the mousse, we attempted to make chocolate cups to serve it in and eat it out of by using a pastry brush to paint melted chocolate all around the inside of paper cupcake liners and putting them in the freezer to set, but they didn’t work out; the chocolate broke off from the sides when we peeled away the liners, but it created cool little chocolate shards, so we just sprinkled the pieces over the mousse for decoration.  All the food was sooooo good!!!!!  This has been such a fun one-week class, and I can’t wait to do another either at the end of August (when I’m finished with camp) or next summer!!!!!


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