Passionate Vs. Annoying (On The Food Front)

You know, lately, I’ve been told that I talk about food way too much, by multiple people in fact, and that really makes me glad to I have this blog as a vent for me, an outlet to be able to talk about all my passions openly and freely.  As for my constant talking about this topic, I think it’s an OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) thing.  My family always tells me to stop or to add a new hobby to my inventory of activities, but I just won’t because for some reason, I can’t; it’s all I ever think about these days.  I recently asked a few friends about this, too: some of them said that I do talk about it too much (which, of course, I know; that’s why I asked for their opinion on the matter), but I don’t remember the reasons that they had for me, and some of them said that it’s okay because it’s something I love, and I have a passion for it.  Even my grandma was telling me that no one wants to read about fondant, and no one wants to hear you constantly talk about food.  With the fondant thing, my grandma even said that no one knows what it is, which a part of me agrees with (unless you’re a foodie, like me).  She also thinks that no one’s really wants to read my blog because they’re not interested in what I write about, which I disagree with (you’ll find out why later in this post).  My uncle especially thinks I shouldn’t talk about food as much.  So, here’s a question for you: Have you ever had an experience where you just know that no one cares about whatever it is you’re talking about, but you continue conversing about your topic anyway?  I have, at least recently.  To me, a blog is all about telling the world your passions like I am now.  It’s okay if you’re viewers may not be interested in what you have to say; it’s all about being able to express yourself without anyone preventing you from doing so.  Do you have a passion that you want to pursue?  What is it?  Tell me by responding to this in the Comment section.  Maybe talking about it will help you have hope that it will come true, just like me.


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