Blue Apron: Week 12: Day 2

Today was fresh cavatelli and broccoli with roasted carrot and arugula salad.  My mom didn’t want to make the salad, and our family loves when we make burnt vegetables, so we just made those using the carrots, along with broccoli and cauliflower that we had in the house.  As for the arugula, my family doesn’t really eat much of it, so I think we might just toss it since I’m pretty much the only one that uses it (and it’s very rare that I do).  My mom still made the pasta and broccoli, though.  The cavatelli, and by the recipe’s name, is fresh, so it’s not that boxed pasta that you always use.  It’s actual pasta dough that’s been put through a pasta roller and cut into right shape.  You just boil it as you would pasta in a box.  It was sooooo good!!!!!  I can’t wait for next week’s recipes!!!!!


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