Creating Your Own Recipes 

I started creating my recipes and posting on this blog almost a year and a half ago, and even though I’ve already came up with a lot of recipes, I was curious to see what other people had in mind when it came to the criteria for creating them.  Some people say that if you tweak a recipe slightly, it’s not your own, but that’s what I do with some of mine, so I believe that it is.  Additionally, some people have different thought processes as to how to do it.  I’m really laid back with this kind of thing, so I’d just say go for it.  The kitchen was meant for experimentation.  Just have a plan in mind, and what I like to do a lot is base it off of another recipe, so if you want to get inspired, take a look at some recipes by your favorite chef.  If you don’t have a favorite, just use what you like, and cook with basic techniques that you know.  You’ll learn more along the way (I particularly learned from watching Food Network for the last year).  If you want to bake something, you have to be a little more precise, but, for example, not a lot of my cookie recipes follow the traditional cookie method, but they still create delicious cookies.  Go for it, and see what happens, and if you fail the first time or so, try, try again, and don’t give up.  Never ever!!!!!  You can always go back, and tweak things later, and learn from your mistakes (trust me, I’ve had plenty).  Just go with whatever makes you feel comfortable in the kitchen, and start with something simple, quick, and easy.  Also, I’m hoping to create some kind of cookbook (maybe online or something, but I’m not sure) once I’ve made all of my recipes in the app that I use to write, and record them and once I’ve perfected them to make sure they look appealing, they taste good, and there aren’t any mistakes from when I typed them up.  Have fun using science in kitchen!!!!!  (This is exactly why we go to school, people.)


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