Advice On Worrying

Lately, I’ve been worrying about my friend, Victoria.  First, she hurt her knee, and in school the other day, I walked with her from lunch to her dance class to keep her company and make sure she didn’t stress or freak out about her possible injury.  Her dance teacher, who’s also my English teacher, told me that if caring for her and doing that that makes me late fot class (which it did), it’s not worth it.  Additionally, I’m slightly uncomfortable because I think she’s really smart, even though she has ADHD, but she revealed to me that she doesn’t really put in the effort, which is why at her meeting on Friday, everyone decided that she’s not going to be moving from a life skills class to general studies until she works harder.  I’m just in shock because she’s a year older than me (tenth grade), and in math, they’re learning money.  I thought she was good at that subject, but I know that kids with special needs, of any degree, have their strengths and weaknesses, even me.  It’s just that I’m not used to have a friend in life skills that high functioning.  These experiences are starting to teach me that I have to stop worrying about other people and what I can’t control, and you should, too.  This is just a friendly tip of mine because I don’t want you to end up what I described about my situation.


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