Blue Apron: Week 4: Day 1: Part 2

My mom did the maple sweet potato wedges and collard greens, the sides for the bbq chicken that I was telling you about yesterday, without me today because I was busy doing my homework.  I actually didn’t try them, but I did eat storebought fish sticks.  Yes.  I know.  I’m a teen chef eating storebought food, but I’m sorry.  Even though I cook, this is still the way I often live.  I might be a foodie, but when I’m lazy and exhausted, I just have to resort to storebought meals.  And whether that or not, I eat snap pea crisps as my snack while I’m doing my homework, and they’re not your typical snap peas.  They’re more of a snack/junk food, like potato chips in a way.  And when I’m not unhealthily snacking on those, I’m crunching on my baked zucchini chips with Asian dipping sauce, a homemade original healthy snack of mine that I’ve mentioned multiple times.  Well, I guess that’s all there is about that.  I can’t wait for tomorrow’s final Blue Apron dish of the week, whether I try it or not!!!!!


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