Science In The Kitchen: Day 2: Bubbles and Biology

Today, we tried the caramels, which were nice and soft and sooooo good!!!!!  There were just the plain salted ones that we made yesterday, and for those of us who weren’t allergic, some of us, including me, also tried caramels with chocolate and pecans on top, and they were just as good!!!!!  We made homemade marshmallows that we’ll cut up and eat tomorrow and pizza dough that, after we made it, Jordan (the instructor) had to let sit out to rise.  So, because it wouldn’t be ready in time, we made our pizzas from dough that Jordan had made about two hours earlier.  I topped mine with tomato sauce, cheese, and basil, which ended up being sooooo good!!!!!  We also made old fashioned ice cream sodas in three different flavors: raspberry, black cherry, and chocolate.  Anyway, it was sooooo much fun, and I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!!


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