Granitas: A Refreshing Cooler On A Hot Summer Day

     In the summer, I know that shaved ice is a very popular thing to snack on when you’re hot. But did you know that it gets its colors and flavors from artificial dyes?  Instead, why don’t you try granitas?  They’re great to cool you down, and it’s just like shaved ice, except you can easily make it yourself using all fresh and flavorful ingredients!!!!!  Here’s how:

What You Need:                                                                                               

1 Cup Granulated Sugar

3 Cups Water

Anything to flavor your granita (fruits, herbs, etc.)

1. In a saucepan, dissolve the sugar in the water, and if you are using fresh herbs, let them sit in the dissolved sugar mixture for a few minutes to add flavor to it.

2. Remove the herbs (if using), and transfer the sugar and water mixture to a baking dish.  Stir in whatever fresh and delicious flavorings you’d like (lemon juice, pureed watermelon, etc.), and freeze the mixture until it’s completely frozen.

3. Once the mixture has frozen, scrape all of the ice crystals with a fork until everything is scraped from the baking dish.  Pile some into a glass, place a fresh herb or a lemon slice on the side, and enjoy your delicious treat!

See? It’s that easy!


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