Deafness And Disibilities

So, the drawing is tonight’s homework assignment for my ASL (American Sign Language) class.  The assignment is to draw what a sign would look like if it were a sound.  I chose the sign for the word “inclusion”.  That’s what it says at the top of the page.  Now, back to the drawing.  The black path is the movement of my dominant hand when I’m signing it, and the dot at the end of the curve is the position of my still hand.  I added some red to it to represent love and added a red eye to make it look like a smiley face.  To me, it’s a symbol of togetherness, of being accepted as a unique individual and just being happy.

You know, this made me think of Jake, and how, even though I’m always bored when I go to his house, and he has the intelligence of a 3rd grader, I don’t care because I love him anyway.  So, I keep going back to his house, and I keep hanging out with him, even then.  And, you what the funny thing is?  When I walked on my toes, I didn’t appreciate myself the way I was, and now that I’m walking properly, I do.  I know that I’m unique now, and Jake was a major contribution for the last almost two years in helping me realize it.  We’re all special in our own way.  What’s your story?  Feel free to comment, and tell it.


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