Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Okay, I have a confession to make: I love chicken, and it’s not just for dinner!!!!!  I stir fry it and use it in things from pasta to wraps and more.  Whether I’m just simply searing it, grilling it, or roasting it, it always turns out good!!!!!

Chicken breasts are my favorite part of chicken to use when I’m cooking, but I also use the thighs, legs, and even chicken drumsticks occasionally.  I love breading it in egg and breadcrumbs and then pan-frying it!!!!!  Additionally, I enjoy searing it and sometimes roasting it.  No matter how I cook it, the results are always amazing!!!!!

I have many chicken recipes on here that I’ve posted, and there’ll be more to come in the future, so please take a look, if you can, at the variety of uses I have for chicken.  As I mentioned previously, you can prepare chicken in sooooo many different ways, so just venture out, and explore new ways to cook food like I have, and comment your favorite chicken dishes.  Maybe you’ll discover a new liking for a new food or a specific food that’s prepared a certain way.  Try some of my chicken recipes and others, and maybe that’ll happen.  Have a winner, winner, chicken dinner.  You’ll never know unless you try, right?  After all, that’s what first got me into cooking.


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