Sophie’s Sausage, Bacon, And Potato Hash With Butternut Squash Purée

An elegant breakfast fit for a king inspired by one of the challenges on Guy’s Grocery Games.  Enjoy.

1/2 package Sweet Italian Sausage Meat

Bacon, Cut Into Pieces

1 Russet Potato, Washed, Peeled, And Diced

1 Red Bell Pepper, Washed, Seeded, And Diced

2 Scallions, Washed And Thinly Sliced

1/4 Onion, Peeled And Finely Chopped

2 Garlic Cloves, Peeled And Minced

Olive Oil Cooking Spray

1 Whole Egg

1/2 Cup Butternut Squash, Washed, Peeled, And Sliced Into Cubes

1/4 Cup Applesauce

2 Tbsp Water

Salt, to taste

Ground Black Pepper, to taste

Garlic Salt, to taste

Ground Cinnamon, to taste

Ground Nutmeg, to taste

Ground Ginger, to taste

1. Oil a pan, cook the bacon over low heat until it is nice and crisp, and drain on a paper towel.

2. In the same pan you cooked the bacon in, crumble the sausage meat, brown it, and pour it onto a plate.

3. In the same pan, start to cook the potato, onion, and garlic. When the potato is almost done cooking, add the pepper and scallions, and stir them around occasionally. When they are fully cooked, stir in the cooked sausage meat and bacon until they are all combined, season with garlic salt and ground black pepper, and turn off the heat.

4. Serve some up on a plate, pour the rest into container, and refrigerate until further use.

5. In the same pan you cooked the hash in, crack egg, cook over easy, making sure the whites set. Season with garlic salt and ground black pepper, flip the egg, and let cook slightly. Place the fried egg on top of the hash yolk side up, and poke at the yoke. Place one over each portion, and repeat.

6. In the same pan, cook butternut squash until fork tender.

7. Place the cooked squash in a blender, and add applesauce, margarine, honey, maple syrup, water, salt, ground black pepper, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, and ground ginger. Pulse it a few times until it is smooth, and pour the purée on the side of plate opposite the hash and fried egg. Grab a fork, and enjoy.

Yields: about 4 servings


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