Moving Up

June just started, and a lot of things are happening.  I had my Spanish speaking final today, and I have a lot more next week, including social studies, gym (which shouldn’t even be legal because of how stupid it is), probably tech (which, again, is kind of ridiculous), and my Earth science performance test, which counts for 15% of the Regents.  Then, the week after, I have my Algebra Regents that Thursday (it’s a required class in my grade) and my Earth science Regents the following day (you can take it in eighth or ninth grade, and I chose it this year so that I could get it overwith because it’s a very difficult class).  Then, the next week, I have my Spanish written final the morning before my graduation (from middle school).  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the graduation speech, and I’m kind of upset, but I don’t mind.  And, you know, a part of me just wants to move up to high school already.  There are new teachers, new people that I’m hoping to become friends with, old friends that I’m looking forward to seeing again, and new opportunities, but there are definitely some things I’ll miss at HBT: my teachers, my friends in 119 especially, Ms. Volpe, Ms. Carstens, all of them.  I’m really surprised because a part of me wants to go to high school, and yet, I’m nervous.  I’m going to be a freshman.  It’s a whole new world for me, for every eighth grader, but we’ll get through it.  As long on we have our friends by our side, we’ll survive.  Even though these friendships may not last forever, I know I’ll find my real friends in this new place, and hopefully will keep the old in the process.  So far, that didn’t happen yet, so as of now, I’m hoping to stick with my friends for as long as I can.  High school can cause people to drift apart, but I won’t let that happen.  I’ll keep my friends, I’ll make new ones, I’ll reconnect with old ones.  As long as we stay together during this difficult transition, I’ll be fine.  We all will.


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