Counting Calories

Today, because I had my procedure, I had to skip breakfast, but I’m probably going to have some of my wontons for breakfast when I get home.  The nurse always offers me a snack after I wake up, and I always choose to have graham crackers.  I had 240 calories worth of them and two cups of Apple juice, which is a total of 1 serving and 120 calories.  So far, that gives me 360 calories; 1,558 more to go.  The app also told me that so far, I’ve consumed 4 grams of protein, 5.6 grams of fat, and 72.2 grams of carbs.  Because my throat is going to be sore a day or two, I’m going to try to eat light, and I can’t really run around today (but I don’t really do that anyway unless I’m playing a game with my brother like I was yesterday), so I’m just going to take it easy, but I’m still going to try to reach my calorie goal today.


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