Art And History: United As One

If you think about it, works of art often tend to depict important messages.  Throughout the pieces, you’ll probably notice that they portray symbolism.  You can easily gain an interpretation if you look closely.  Whether it’s real art, such as paintings and designs, or your surroundings, such as sunrise and sunset, you can see the beauty of art anywhere you look.

Now, you’re probably wondering how history ties into all of this.  Well, as I previously stated, art often portrays symbolism, and symbolism is usually portrayed in historical art.  For example, the photograph above has words, so it’s easier to break down.  The girl doesn’t represent anything in my mind, but read the quote.  It says, “What Is Past Is Prologue.”  I know that prologue means beginning, so if I change the quote to make it say, “What Is Past Is Beginning,” I have a general interpretation.  Now, if you go deeper, you can apply it to something and further interpret it in your own way.  When I read this quote, I think about how the past was when things began.  History is in the past, and back then, things began to develop into what they are today, in the present.  For instance, people such as former presidents of the United States and others that were formerly a part of the United States government, have contributed to writing many documents and enforcing many laws that are still present in our world today.  In addition, I hope that future historical events will shape our world even more than it already has.  Whether it’s in a painting, a piece of writing, or just your mind, history always has a place in our world, especially in art.


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